Blog ignition; recent publishing and updates

Welcome to my me-blog! Mostly it’ll be updates about what I’m up to as well as reviews and other things people do with their blogs, but different because I’ll be doing it with mine! I could just palpate your enthusiasm right now, like a lumpy body part.

Anyway, it’s time (TIME) for a quick publishing round up;

  • I have a poem up over at The Steel Chisel this month; the online magazine’s named for a typically wonderful John Newlove poem, and is run by Ottawa ex-pat David Emery. I never met Emery so I can’t speak to his character, but he appears to have excellent taste, having published the likes of Ben Ladouceur, Jeff Blackman and Matthew Walsh to name but a few in the past six months.
  • I’ll be appearing in the new issue of The Peter F. Yacht Club (#19), which is launching at the above/ground 20th anniversary reading this Friday the 23rd. $8 scores you an issue and entry to what looks to me a good line-up of readers. Monty Reid in particular is a favourite of mine.
  • Two poems in the most recent issue of CV2, featuring the mad staring eyes of Ken Babstock on the cover.
He will Methodist Hatchet your entire family.

He will Methodist Hatchet your entire family.

I’m also helping to run the 3rd Ottawa Zine Off event with the awesome Maxx Critical. The concept is simple:
– make a ‘zine (a handmade booklet about anything you want: comix, poems, stories, lists, rants, gardening tips…)
– bring 15 – 25 copies to Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone Avenue) on September 11
– trade them with other zinesters over drinks

It’s an awesome way to get your creativity going and meet cool people/potential collaborators. My friend Abigail Kashul and I did a zine called Nightshift in just five days prior to the last swap, and we’re excited about putting together our second issue. Come on out and invite your friends! Unless they’re super lame. If they are, forget that last part.

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