The Ottawa ‘Zine Off

This be some 'zines.

This be some ‘zines.

Because it occurs to me not everyone has Facebook, here’s the info for the upcoming Ottawa ‘Zine Off I’m running with the awesome Maxx Critical (ex-Stay Here, The Reverse Cougar Years zine, Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls) taking place September 11 at Pressed Cafe (750 Gladstone):

Here’s the deal: Make a zine on the quick, bring copies to trade with others to Pressed on September 11, meet other interesting people, immeasurably improve your life. Or get drunk, possibly.

You don’t have to make a zine to participate… but wouldn’t it be cool if you did?

Facebook event:

Here’s all you ever wanted to know about this awesome night!

Question: What’s a zine?
Answer: As wikipedia says, “a zine (pron.: /ˈziːn/ zeen; an abbreviation of fanzine, or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier”. Really though, zines are a way of sharing stories, drawings, information, whatever you want with other individuals. Be creative!

Q: What’s the Zine-Off?
A: The Ottawa Zine-Off is a self-enforced communal deadline. Basically, participants have a little over a month to create a zine. (Most people procrastinate and do it in the last few days, natch) There is no penalty for not making one, but really, the fun in having the night is seeing how many awesome zinesters exist in Ottawa, so get working!

On Wednesday September 11, those who have made a zine and anyone who would like to come check them out can come hang out at Pressed for a night of trading, reading and camaraderie. 15 – 25 copies is a good number!

Q: What can my zine be about?
A: Anything! Last time, we had zines featuring bike repair tips, comix, poetry, stories, drawings…

Q: Who can participate?
A: Everyone! Invite your friends, neighbours, family, coworkers, mailperson, favorite barista, etc.

Q: Is there a cost?
A: No! The meetup event costs nothing, but feel free to support our hosts Pressed by buying a drink or delicious sandwich. Participants can ask for for a donation for their zine, but we encourage trading. At the last few zine-offs, zinesters traded copies amongst themselves instead of exchanging money.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them on the event wall. Poster is coming soon, and we’ll make copies available for individuals who would like to promote the Zine-Off at their favourite hang out spots…


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