Zine of the Week, 21/10/13: Baby J – “Porchcore #1”

Baby J/Various – Porchcore #1
2013, 40 pages, Free

San Pedro punk zine Porchcore Can of Beans Baby J

Porchcore is a new zine and punk record label based out of San Pedro, Los Angeles and run by Baby J, named after a slurry of a Jag Offs song and, spiritually, the city’s inclusive punk culture. This first issue is a lot of fun, with a good mix of bizarre comix, positive vibes and quirky anecdotes. A great part of the appeal of zines is the window they provide into other people’s experiences, their little Americas (/Canadas/Swedens/Tajikistans etc.). A highlight for me was Chris Kohler’s “Going to the Store,” an account of goings down at various San Pedro convenience/liquor stores. Here in Ontario, our liquor stores are all franchises of a single government-run cartel, which means no booze after 10 (or back home in Harrow, 6, Christ) but also fewer stabbings, bitchslappings and general chaos:

“got your can of chilly, Eyeball the crusty punk!
Genevieve, they only had 3 potatoes but I bought them all!
I was gonna buy you that bottle of wine but a crackhead ran
in the store and fucked up that whole aisle
so I got you a 40 and some kool aid”

Ming Donkey Blood Sweat Fears Porchcore zine

Ming Donkey’s “Blood, Sweat and Fears” comic

Baby J also conducts drunk interviews with artists, a concept I independently thought up and sold to Dave Currie for a turducken sandwich (sucker), and offers some previews of upcoming releases on the Porchcore label (I’m pretty taken with Kid Little). I picked up Porchcore #1 for free from J at the merch table at the Peach Kelli Pop/New Swears gig at Pressed this past Tuesday (fun gig!), but you can just check out their Facebook page for info on acquiring it.

Peach Kelli Pop San Pedro pop punk

Peach Kelli Pop; Baby J’s the one in sunglasses.

New Swears Ottawa punk pressed

Nicked this New Swears pic from Alanna Why’s tumblr; you can sorta see my sexy torso through my torn brown t-shirt in the back.

JM’s Jam: Can of Beans – Abbreviations

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