Zine of the Week 15/12/13: Kyle, DeForge and Zacchilli – Pixar’s Cars Comic #1

Patrick Kyle, Michael DeForge & Mickey Zacchilli – Pixar’s Cars Comic #1
2013, 26 pages, $5

Pixars Cars parody comic zine DeForge kyle Zacchulli

“oh, to be a car
driving over shit &

meat & dirt & feet —
I have no regard
for human life.
Behind & IN the wheel.

If it’s somehow not abundantly clear from the crude cover art or the quote above, which purports to be from an anonymous 1940’s children’s limerick, this oddball comix zine is in no way affiliated with the low-ebb Pixar family flick Cars. A collaboration between Canadian alt. comics creators Patrick Kyle (Wowee Zonk co-editor), Michael DeForge (Very Casual) and Mickey Zacchilli (RAV) for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE!), Pixar’s Cars Comic #1 draws humour from the juxtaposition of childish illustrations and plotting with casual obscenities (“Fill me up with some FUCKING GAS!”) and, of course, cocks aplenty.

Pixars Cars parody cocks comedy zine

Very few of the jokes extend beyond a few pages, which gives me the impression the work is the result of a stoned jam where it seemed like more fun to set up a weird plot than to actually follow it through. In any case, most of the fun comes from the (purposefully) awful perspective work, cheerful grossness and the absurdist appropriation of licensed properties (especially after-thought comics tie-ins). The exception to this is DeForge’s contribution, a gorgeous two-pager with his trademark ominous, oneiric humour (read it here).

Michael DeForge Pixar's Cars Comic interiorIn any case, it’s a funny comic so grab it if you come across it. It’s already out of print (insofar as most zines are kept “in print”), but The Beguiling in Toronto has copies on the rack as of last week, and I’m sure there are others floating around finer indie shops.

Pixar's Cars weird zine parody

JM’s Jam: The Dictators – (I Live for) Cars and Girls 

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