The Ottawa Zine Off! (Winter Edition)

We’ve already announced this event most everywhere else, but the talented Rachel Gray just sent us a lovely poster for the event and I want to share it everywhere because I like it so. All of the zines you see people reading below are real ones from the last event by folks like Selina Boan, “Cool” Alanna Why, Amber Dearest and Sacha KW.

Poster for the Ottawa Zine Off by Rachel Gray

Event details: The 4th Ottawa Zine Off is locked in. Our last event drew upwards of 50 seasoned and first time zinesters, and consensus was that it was fucking sweet.

The deal: Make a zine on the quick, bring copies to trade with others to Pressed on February 5th, meet people who don’t suck, immeasurably improve your life. Or get drunk, possibly. Invite cool people!

You don’t have to make a zine to participate… but wouldn’t it be cool if you did?

JM’s JaM: Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta (“I wanna publish zines / and rage against machines…”)

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One Response to The Ottawa Zine Off! (Winter Edition)

  1. Thanks for the follow, nice blog here. I am a freelance writer working small time remote jobs part time. I am a huge zine fan and am know as “The Zineiac.” Yeah, zines are great, but I always have these gemini, bi-polar moments by starting around 3 to 5 zines at once, ha! Oh, and of course never finishing any of them! But it’s still a great mental release doing the whole diy-ing self publishing aspect of it all. Anyway, good luck at the zine-off, hit me up any time! -Rich

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