Ottawa Zine Off! Zines #5: Pat Patenaude The Professor

patenaude professor comic ottawa

The Professor
Pat Patenaude, 20 pages

This is a collection of single-panel gag comics by local artist Pat Patenaude that originally appeared as dailies on Facebook. I’ve got a good deal of respect for anyone who can do anything optional on a daily basis considering how much trouble I have even reviewing stuff for this blog, so kudos to Patenaude for punching out a strip per day.

I have to admit these strips are not to my taste, as they lean heavily on the sort of creaky comedy tropes that lesser newspaper funnies have made dog food out of for decades and the line work is inconsistent, but I’m always down for a panel of a guy taking a shit in a bird’s nest:

patenaude ottawa professor comic

The Professor has a solid following on Facebook and LinkedIn (!?), and as mentioned earlier is updated daily. This zine is printed at a nice size (would love to see more single-panel strips presented as half-legal sized zines) and the price is listed as $2 on the front, so get in touch with the author if you like the comics and want to support his work.

JM’s JaM: Main Source – Large Professor

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