OZO! Zines #8: Beccy David & Jessie Moore A Pocket Full of Witches

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A Pocket Full of Witches
Beccy David & Jessie Moore, 14 pages

A collaborative art zine from local illustrators Beccy David and Jessie Moore, the bulk of A Pocket Full of Witches is in the form of cartoon sketches of witches and their apparel as one might find in a collection of video game concept art (or, um, an artist’s sketchbook I guess). But there’s a definite feminist underpinning to the zine’s sense of play. The introductory page uses the ol’ dictionary definition trope to point out the less-than-subtle misogyny informing the word “witch”:

ottawa zine beccy david jessie moore witches

Click to see at readable size.

As traditionally defined, a woman is loathsome if she be too ugly or too enticing or an edible North Atlantic flatfish (maybe not that last bit). While I’m not sure if rehabilitating/reappropriating the word “witch” is a project on the same order as communities rallying around semi-pejoratives like “queer” or “cripple,” the zine argues that there’s real value in using the symbolic aspects of witchcraft (creativity, independence, self-sufficiency) as a locus for a more true, healthy identity.

some witches align themselves with spirits

Beccy David’s zines are always printed on attractive, firm stock, and the overall design is very nice. I’m also not a font geek by any means, but David’s lettering is a real pleasure to read. For more of David and Moore’s art, check out their twitters and tumblrs below:

Beccy David

Jessie Moore

JM’s JaM: The Lollipop Shoppe – You Must be a Witch

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