OZO! Zines #9: Christian Forderer Care and Use of a Straight Razor for the Judicious Destruction of Whiskers and other Bodily Hairs

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Care and Use of a Straight Razor for the Judicious Destruction of Whiskers and other Bodily Hairs
Christian Forderer, 13 pages

The Ottawa Zine Off has seen a number of how-to zines over the years on topics like winter biking, reading tea leaves, embroidering etc. and the winter edition brought us Christian Forderer’s Judicious Destruction on the topic of straight razor shaving. Serving as a combination FAQ/How-to, Fordererer makes a compelling argument for the classic straight razor as a solid addition to the non-grooming-averse DIYer’s arsenal, a durable, efficient product with timeless style standing in opposition to the “avalanche of bullshit and marketing that brought us the modern quintuple-bladed, battery powered, vibratory beard-scalpels.”

The zine is at its best when the info-dump is leavened with Forderererer’s dry wit, as in the Spartacus-esque kill-zone shaving chart (see below), or his wry admission that, while straight blades are reputed to give the smoothest shave possible, he has yet to confirm this himself:

christian forderer razors zine

While I think an account of his own experience shaving his legs would’ve killed and been of interest to those who don’t grow (facial) whiskers, the zine will still be of interest to shavers of all genders. If you want a copy get in touch, as Fordererererer is my roomie and would be happy to run one off for you.

JM’s JaM: The Exploding Hearts – Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades

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