OZO! Zines #12: Max Caspi-Roy Things I’ve Seen Vol. 1: Landscapes

Ottawa Zine Off Max Caspi-Roy photo zine

Things I’ve Seen Vol. 1: Landscapes
Max Caspi-Roy, 10 pages

Things I’ve Seen is a brief zine showcasing ten landscape photographs primarily taken in Ottawa. This will be a quick review, because what I know about photography could be used to caption a photograph.

Max Caspi-Roy Balloons landscape photo zine

To my mind, the best of these photos are those that capture something distinctive or ephemeral about their locations, such as Balloons pt. 1 (above), where the harsh contrast of the photocopied image makes the balloons into black perforations scored through a horizontal gash of white cloud. Unfortunately, the low-res look robs other photos of important details, rendering what seem to be pretty vistas into undistinguished blobs of black and grey.

It would be really cool if for his next zine Caspi-Roy looked at the possibility of how to compose his photos to take advantage of the limitations of photocopying/inkjet printing; there can be a unique power in grainy, depredated images if what is lost becomes what is gained. I’m glad to have zines like What I’ve Seen that represent the variety of things you can do with the format, and look forward to what comes next.

JM’s JaM: radicalfashion – Photo Dynasmo

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