OZO! Zines #16: Brie – Booger Break

ottawa zine brie booger break

Booger Break
Brie, 20 pages (buy here)

If you enjoy flipping channels in the dead of night while zonked on sleeplessness and sugar, you’ll really dig this comic. Each page is a segment of a bizarro late night kids variety show called Booger Break. Brie is clearly a connoisseur of trashy fun, and her zine is jammed with a cavalcade of oddball guest stars like infomercial stamp maniac Dee Gruenig, John Waters drag starlet Divine and Bart the Horse Who Paints. One of my favourite bits is the “Jareth Showdown,” in which contestants have ten minutes to cut and style their own hair to match David Bowie’s legendary Labyrinth ‘doo.

ottawa zines booger break david bowie jareth


Your appreciation of some of these gags might rely on how much nostalgia you have for cult classics like The Feebles, but any alt-comix fan will get a kick out of the crude energy of Brie’s style. It reminds me a little of Lynda Barry’s lumpy line work, or some of the more lysergic current Toronto artists, but there’s something distinct in its mix of grotesque caricature and semi-realism.

ottawa comics zine booger break


Ottawa could surely use more comics like Booger Break, so if you weren’t lucky enough to tune in to the show at the Zine Off! you should head over to Brie’s store and order a copy/ask her for one at a show (if you live here).

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