Broken Pencil review, Small Talk and other bits

Popping in to mention the folks at Broken Pencil were good enough to review a past issue of my zine, Nightshift. Cool! Of course, publicly posting the email address I use to manage the mountains of queries I get from captivated readers has meant said address has become a lurid scumhole of spam messages, but what can ya do?

Did you know jwcurry’s room 3o2 books is back in commission? curry has one of the largest collections of micropress publications and ephemera in Canada. He was my primary source for the P.cob_ piece in Nightshift #3 BP’s reviewer mentions in the review. Ottawans check out his new store at 28 Ladouceur St on the west side. Click here for the ad and contact info.

Had a poem in Bruised Tongue records’ monthly event listings zine few months back. You can read it in the online archive they have here (issue #11, page 4).

Also In/Words asked me for a poem to do as a free limited run broadside. They did another of mine about a year ago, an ugly poem called “The Gelding,” so this time I gave them one called “Tiger Shark” that explores the softer side of animal mutilation. Find it free wherever In/Words have a merch table (this coming Wednesday when my dear friends Matt Jones and Rachel Gray read at the Series?).

JM’s JaM: No Joy – Ignored Pets

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